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Quarterback Experience & Interactive Tables

NFL Experience

Client: NFL Times Square Experience

The NFL Times Square Experience was a multi-interactive project designed to bring visitor an immersive football experience.

Solution: The immersive quarterback simulator operated as a booth with a large helmet, giving users the illusion of playing as a quarterback. Jon Gruden voices the experience and acts as the coach. Gruden briefs visitors, gives plays, and even trash talks players based on their performance. In order to simulate the first-person visuals of a quarterback, an HD monitor plays real footage of football players practicing and running routes. Visitors make decisions to pass to different players by pressing a series of buttons.

Interactive tables were dubbed the “32’s” and were effective at bringing engaging information to visitors. Bolder delivered 10 interactive tables to the NFL experience, all enabled with detailed information on every NFL team’s history. Visitors are first greeted with a map of the United States. Logos of teams are scattered in their corresponding cities. Upon touching these logos information about a team’s history, famous players, noteworthy games, and an array of statistics are displayed. In addition, the tables were networked together, allowing admins and staff to display content on every table simultaneously.

NFL Interactive Experience

Capabilities: Immersive Interactives, Interactive Facilities Platform, Experience Design, Creative Design, Gamification

Urban Air adventure park

Client: Urban Air Adventure Park

Challenge: With the popularity of indoor adventure parks rapidly growing, Urban Air Adventure Park reached out to us with a desire to solidify themselves as industry leaders by way of creating and rolling out innovative and exciting overlays for their existing attractions. As one of the park’s most popular attractions, Urban Air wanted to begin by focusing on the trampoline dodgeball arenas and develop an immersive, gamified environment.

Solution: Bolder developed, designed, and implemented three unique game experiences run on a content management system easily scheduled and operated by a tablet. Each of the games utilize projected AR environments on surrounding walls including the floor and have sensor capabilities to accurately track dodgeball hits.

Mad Splatterzone:
Guests are divided into two teams and compete to cover their side of the arena in paint splats before the opposing team. When a dodgeball makes contact with the wall surface, a paint splat appears in the color of that team. When the timer is up, the team with the most hits will win!

Alien Invaders:
A group of guests work together with their team to protect Earth by defeating the alien invaders before incurring too much damage from their incoming shots. By using a dodgeball to hit a spacecraft, the guest will destroy the ship and receive points for the shot. Both teams will be in competition to destroy the spacecrafts and collect the most points to win at the end of the timer.

Glass Breaker:
Guests work collaboratively as a group to break a wall built of glass tiles that are projected onto the walls and floor. Upon entering the arena, guests will appear to be encapsulated in a glass fortress. A commentator will instruct the group to throw dodgeballs at the walls to crack and break the glass tiles. Once the walls start to break, the glass on the trampoline floors will crack and give way. Guests will fall through two glass boxes before falling into a glowy, mystical forest scene.

Capabilities: Creative Design, Gamification, Immersive Interactives

Sub-CapabilitiesUI & UX, 3D Art, Hardware Configuration, Projection, Lidar, Depth Sensors, Game Design

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox Project

Client: Microsoft Xbox

Challenge: Microsoft launched a new category in gaming peripherals, the Xbox One Elite Controller. They asked Bolder to create three pieces of software: a configuration utility to change settings, a game arena to test the controllers settings and a demo for the launch at E3.

The idea was for a user to tweak the setting on their control using the config utility, and immediate swap to the accompanying game to test those settings, and then swap back ad hoc to fine tune the settings.

Microsoft was looking to improve consistency in control preference for their elite controller. Players on Xbox One were getting frustrated with changing sensitivity and control settings. Microsoft needed a software interface that allowed users to calibrate various aspects of their controller like sensitivity, control preference, button configuration and then save those preferences.

Solution: Bolder developed a user interface for players to calibrate all their essential controller settings and then save those settings to their dashboard.

In addition, we created 3 minigames for players to test and configure settings to their liking. Those mini games included a first-person shooter, racing, and obstacle course.

xbox controller

Capabilities: Game Design, Creative Design, Gamification

Sub-Capabilities: UI & UX, 3D Art, Hardware Configuration, Writing to Xbox controllers crypto chip

Microsoft Logo

Xbox One Elite Controller V2 E3 & Gamescom Demo

Client: Microsoft Xbox 

Partner: Mango Motion Design

Challenge: Microsoft Xbox wanted to show off improvements and additions to their newest gamepad. 

Our team was assigned with creating a demo game that would showcase these features, compliment Xbox branding & aesthetics, and be familiar to the average gamer. 

In addition, the demo game had developed in around 4 months. (Concept to final product)

Solution: Bolder started brainstorming and came up with several concepts for the Xbox product marketing team. 

Once these were approved, we began developing a game that combined 1st and 3rd person shooter mechanics. Our team developed the gameplay and environmental aesthetic. Character design and UI was created by Mango Motion Design.

Impressions of the game and controller at E3 2019 were great. People saw the benefits of using a modular gamepad.  


Capabilities: Creative Design, Gamification

Sub-Capabilities: Hardware Integration, Creative, 3D Art, Unreal Game Engine, Rapid Prototyping

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E3 Sandy Bridge Interactive Art Exhibit

Intel Exhibition

Client: Intel

Intel wanted to showcase graphics for the launch of the Sandy Bridge chipset. They wanted something that showed real time rendering performance in a visually stunning way to captivate visitors at their E3 Booth.

Solution: Bolder developed an interactive art exhibit that was powered by Intel’s new processor with the new system’s graphics capability. The exhibit was colorful and collaborative, allowing multiple visitors at the expo to create art pieces from several touch station located throughout the booth. Each input created new effects which were added to the existing, living artwork.. This exhibit turned a relatively boring component of a computer into an exciting and visually captivating experience that showcased the power of Intel’s processors.

Intel Exhibition

Capabilities: Immersive Interactives, Experience Design, Creative Design

Sub-Capabilities: Art, Hardware Integration, Touch Inputs, Collaborative Art

Bolder Games Logo

App & Game Development

Bolder Games is our independent game development studio and a subsidiary to Bolder Interactive. It’s where we get to create our own games for fun!

Our studio started out developing some of the first Ipad apps: Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hannah Montana and Minnie Mouse Puzzles.

Some of our other games include: Breakfast Buddies Frenchie and OJ, Roboshark Rampage, RED: Lucid Nightmare, Spunk and Splat, and Star Balls.

In addition, we’re heavily invested in the AAA gaming scene and local independent gaming community. You might catch our team members at events like Dreamhack, Gamescom, E3, Comic-Con, GDC, or PAX.

Star Balls

Game Description: Star Balls is an interstellar puzzle game that combines elements of minigolf and pinball. Players choose one of several robots to play as. Hit the right bank shots and jumps to win!

Available: Xbox One, PC, Mobile

Spunk and Splat

Game Description: Spunk and Splat is a challenging side-scrolling platformer. The visual aesthetic is heavily inspired by Futurama & Rick and Morty. 

The story follows captain Spunk and his hapless copilot, Splat, after they crashland on a dangerous asteroid.

Available: iOS & Android

RED: Lucid Nightmare

Game Description: RED: Lucid Nightmare is a narrative-driven psychological horror game. Play as Mercedes, a troubled individual with seemingly inescapable nightmares. Investigate the dream realm and evade the demons lurking within the twisted corridors. 

Players use non-combative methods to navigate each dream. Tools and tactics learned in previous levels will help you conquer new challenges. 

Available: PC & Oculus Rift compatible

Google Logo

Google Partnerplex Brand Visualization

Google Partnerplex Detail

Client: Google

Google had just finished constructing their Partnerplex and wanted cutting-edge new technology for the front lobby. Their team wanted an interactive that allowed Google’s top-tier customers to see how their brand and brand-footprint are represented on the Internet.

Challenge: Bolder was tasked presenting a brands data information in a visually pleasing and intuitive touch interface. The interactive had to be durable and technologically advanced enough to remain in the Google Partnerplex for several decades. Each interactive was required to have high visual impact and be differentiated from other displays.

Solution: Bolder began with architectural floor plan blueprints and created a multi-segmented space where each area had a novel interaction and display mode.

The Global Footprint was projected on the inside of a sphere display, showing the brand affinity on a rotating globe. The entrance to the partner plex was a case. Bolder embedded text displays in the face of each steps. This staircase could display industry and press quotes for specific brands and breaking news. Interactive touch displays showed Google’s analytics for that brand property.

Bolder was responsible for all software development, building the interfaces to Google’s back-end analytics systems and databases. Design and fabrication of the physical space was also our responsibility.

Google Partnerplex Detail
Google Partnerplex Detail
Capabilities: Active signage, sphere displayed, projection-mapped spaces, wall-sized touch screens, location design, fabrication and installation of the physical space.

DARPA’s Disaster Simulator and Multiplayer Game

Client: DARPA

Government agencies around the world struggle to execute and prepare efficient aid/relief missions to disaster-stricken areas. Nonprofits are often challenged to scramble resources and collaborate during crisis scenarios with limited information. Language barriers, distance, and paper-based documents make situations much more difficult to coordinate.

Challenge: The biggest challenges associated with disaster inventions is collaboration. In the midst of a disaster, there are many players trying to help – non-profits, local governments, donors and foreign governments are all anxious to contribute but lack a central body to provide guidance and direction. This causes misappropriation of funds, poor preparation and even unrest between tribal groups. These errors often result with select areas receiving the majority of aid while other disaster-stricken areas are neglected and forgotten.

While the solution appears to be straightforward, in practice it is much more challenging. Who is able to serve as the central governing body during disasters and how can we test out different methods of interventions in an environment without real-life consequences? How do we distill actual data, mathematical & predictive models, and satellite imaging into a dynamic simulation and gameplay experience?

Solution: In collaboration with Universities, Data Agencies, Non-profits, and the UN, Bolder is developing a technical simulation for the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) World Modelers Program. This simulation will distill empirical data, causal analytic graphs, agent-based modeling, behavioral artificial intelligence and datasets from the World Modelers into an intelligible visualization that models real-life scenarios without real-life consequences.

The simulation is capable of modeling different events such as floods, drought, armed conflict and the spread of disease in South Sudan. Based on user input, the application will dynamically generate a South Sudanese landscape and show the impact of an event in that region. After the simulation is complete, a dashboard of results will return the overall impact on malnutrition, migration, poverty and household consumption.

This simulation offers a solution to the challenges previously outlined. It can be used to provide remote collaboration and training for Government and Non-Government Organizations and as a predictive tool to help to drive informed policy decisions.

List of Collaborators:
Gates Foundation
Harvard Medical School
Charles River Analytics
New America
Information Sciences Institute
University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh
Penn State University
University George Mason
University of Minnesota
CU Boulder
Carnegie Mellon


Capabilities: Gamification, Creative Design

Sub-Capabilities: Game Design, 3D Modeling, Data Visualization, UI/UX, Game Development


Lionsgate Entertainment World CHiNA

Client: Lionsgate Entertainment World, Thinkwell

Challenge: Lionsgate Entertainment is one of the latest film production companies to develop location based entertainment featuring its films and shows. Bolder was brought on to develop immersive media and interactive content that featured Lionsgate IPs like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Gods of Egypt

In addition, Lionsgate Entertainment World needed comprehensive operator control tools for managing the media content, interactives, and hardware. 

Solution: Our team developed a total of 8 guest experiences using skeletal tracking, augmented reality, film-quality media, and gesture recognition. 

These interactive experiences are tied together with our guest leaderboard system. The leaderboard tracks guests scores at various attractions and interactives. Leaderboards are found around the park where competitive games are played. 

Last, we created an Administrative Operations Application. This tool provides park operators with the ability to remotely shut down media, interactives and PCs. Operators can also throttle each experience based on capacity at the park, increasing throughput during busy days.

Capabilities: Immersive Interactives, Gamification,  Experience Design, Interactive Facilities Platform, Creative Design

Sub- Capabilities: 3D Modeling, Game Design, Augmented Reality, VFX, Character Design, Animation, Character Rigging, Digital Art, Environment Design, Backend Integration, Administrative Application, QR Integration, Installation, Project Management